About Our Company

Who We Are

Impactautotransport.com is a full service auto transport company whose primary focus is using our knowledge and many years of experience in the industry to help our customers with all of their auto transport needs.  We use our large network of strong relationships with over 3,000 carriers throughout the United States to obtain and offer deeper discounts to our valued customers. 
Impactautotransport.com ‘s main headquarters is based in Hallandale in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida.  We are the leading providers of auto transport services throughout the United Sates handling over 10,000 shipments annually.  Our Goal is to offer our customers exceptional customer care by providing complete and personalized attention and support while at the same time ensuring that their transport continues smoothly and safely with our experienced and professional carriers. 

Making Your Choice

There are many factors to consider before selecting an auto transport company.  We know that with today’s sluggish economy, price has become the leading factor.   We offer very attractive and affordable pricing options as well as various daily discounts.  Your sales representative can guide you through the type of service that best suits your needs and can advise you about various discounts, such as military, AAA and much more. 
The second important factor to consider is time frame.  Many customers are in a hurry to have their vehicle shipped while others place their order several months in advance.  We can accommodate all types of scenarios.  Our self-developed innovative software system puts us one step further than other transport companies.  This unique software allows us to dispatch orders to carriers faster and more efficiently.  We don’t wait for the carriers to contact us. We are equipped with a system that allows us to know carrier’s routes in advance thus making dispatching simple and quick. 

Impactautotransport.com believes that excellent customer service should not be sacrificed.  This should be the final key aspect to consider when selecting your auto transport company.  In today’s market, finding a company that offers care and concern is not a simple task. However, at Impact Auto Transport you will find professional customer care specialists who will notify you of updates on your order, respond to tracking requests and guide you through every step of your upcoming transport.  We are available to answer your questions always with a smiling face.